What People Are Saying

Non-Profit Reviews

“Jennifer, It was a true delight to have you come to Grace. We love your book and can’t wait for the next two! Our turkeys look so cute hanging on our window. We would love for you to stop by anytime. Blessings and Grace.” — Catherine & The Grace Family


“Your art in the studio party was absolutely perfect! Also, your humor, beauty, and instruction was captivating! It’s an HONOR working with you. Thanks for always supporting CASA! Your husband was also so hospitable, pouring people wine and making sure the guests had cake! Even the men loved the class!!!” — Marlene Morales, CASA of Kern County

heart art camp

“Few people are blessed with creativity, storytelling, and the ability to help others heal. Jennifer Gardiner is one of those special people. She facilitated healing through creativity and emotional expression with over 30 children and teens that had recently lost a loved one. Through integration of art on canvas and storytelling, each child created an art piece that told their OWN story. We are grateful to Jennifer for sharing her passion and kind spirit with those in need at Hoffmann Hospice’s Heart Art Camp!” — Beth Hoffmann, Director and Founder of Hoffmann Hospice


“Me and my girlfriends had so much at Jennifer’s Art Night. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed as we tried to paint our boards, nibble on food, sip wine, and follow Jennifer’s easy-to-follow instructions. Now, we are sharing our stories with others and can’t wait for another class!” — Maria Piceno


Community Reviews

“Jennifer was our Meet the Author at the Shafter Colours Festival.  She is such a delight and really brought the art of writing and illustration alive with the stories of her childhood. All the children at the event were engaged and so were their parents. Her book, ‘A Trip around the Pond’ is a delightful read for the young and old. We cannot wait for her next book to be released and have her back in Shafter.” — Loree Trout, Team Leader, Field Service Administration

“Jennifer’s art class was great! I consider myself to be an ‘artistically challenged’ person, so I didn’t expect great results. But then I was surprised! We learned the fundamentals of painting, and I walked out felling like I had done a good job with my project. Jennifer was fun, engaging, and I could tell everyone in the room was having a good time! Overall, it was a very enjoyable event and a fun evening! Thank you, Jennifer!” — Chris Towery


“Jennifer Gardiner has an inspiring story to tell–from a non-reader to children’s book author/illustrator. Her talk exceeded expectations and many thought it was the best in our series. We can’t wait for her next book to feature her again.” — Laura Lollar Wolfe, Executive Director, Kern Literacy Council

School Reviews

“Working with Ms. Jennifer at Sprouts in the garden was such a fun experience for my 3 yr old son! Not only was she wonderfully warm and encouraging to all of the “sprouts”, her art activities were creative yet challenging, and a lot of laughter was had during each experience at the garden! She created an environment that was welcoming to all, and children felt free to express themselves through her chosen art. My son continues to play with the pieces he created and I love to see his continued growth in creative play. Thank you, Jennifer!” — Ms. Kelly, Edible School Yard – Buena Vista


“What a joy and blessing it was to have this talented author & illustrator in our 5th Grade classroom. All students were completely engage during the entire presentation. Jennifer’s interaction with the children was positive and encouraging, and Mrs. Gardiner has a special knack for connecting and engaging with everyone in the class room. Her detailed description of her writing and illustrating process made it possible for them to understand the importance of how illustrations will make the story flow.” — Ms. Baker, Nichols Elementary School

“I’ve known Jennifer Gardiner for over 40 years! It was a great honor to have her visit my High School Special Needs classroom. The students were so excited to have her teach an art lesson. She displayed patience and thoroughly enjoyed spending the morning watching my students complete a project. To top off the visit, she sat and read her book and shared the fun pictures with the class. I hope to have her return to visit again soon! Congratulations on your success, Jenny Jen!” — Marti Roberts, Special Education Teacher

“Jennifer Gardiner’s creative contributions for the Edible Schoolyard Kern County has spanned from art installations in our kitchen classroom to teaching our students in our Sprouts in the Garden Program. She has a beautiful way of mending her passion for art to a thoughtful way of teaching students creativity and artistic expression. I look forward to every time we get to work with Jennifer as all of her work is simply amazing.” — Dylan Wilson, Program Manager for Edible Schoolyard


“Students are intrigued as Jennifer retells her story – prompting the audience to think, “Aha! Did that really happen?” Opening a world of imagination and discovery, Jennifer captivates her audience.” — Paula Cowan, Administrator

“Jennifer engages young people to dream big! “Do something you’ve never imagined you could do” is her inspirational message.” — Jayme Hodel, Teacher

Art Workshops

“Jennifer has volunteered countless hours for our church as an artist. Her giant murals decorate our children’s building walls. Her art is whimsical and fun for all ages, including adults who are still children at heart. Jennifer is not only a talented artist but an extraordinary woman whose gentle and humble spirit is apparent to all who know her.” — Roger Spradlin, Senior Pastor of Valley Baptist Church

“Jen taught me outlining, shading, and texturizing. These skills have become foundational in helping me continue on this path of using my creative talents in different settings. Because of the foundational skills Jen taught me, I created 3 murals for preschools, multiple wall displays, sets, props, and much more.” — Jason Buss, First Baptist Church


“Jen has such a huge heart and a passion for art and communicating and sharing that passion with others is such a special ability. Jennifer has always been such an enormous source of encouragement for myself and it brings me so much joy to see her follow her dreams of becoming an author and illustrator.” — Rachel Long, Mirrored Creations 


“Hi Jennifer, Rosalie loved your classes! I am pleased with what she was able to accomplish given her age and the art results from a virtual class. Rosalie asked me to send you a photo of her paintings. I hope you plan on offering follow-up classes!” — Erin Ellinwood, Creative Arts Online


“Art class with Miss Jennifer is our favorite time of the week. The art projects and activities are always thoughtful, unique and filled with creativity and laughter. Miss Jennifer has a very natural way of connecting with the children and engaging their little minds in everything around them. As a mom, it’s a treat to watch how she is able to unlock each child’s imagination and creativity from within. Thank you to Miss Jennifer for sharing your time with us.“ — Mom, Art Workshops

Amazon Customer Reviews

Great book for children!

“I bought this book as a gift for a baby shower. It looked very authentic and cute. Once I got it and read it I loved how it inspires imagination and perseverance! Great book for children!” — Kristina Martin

A wonderfully imaginative story for children!

“Our Family absolutely LOVED this book! Gardiner does a beautiful job of engaging the imagination and creative side of children. My children enjoyed looking at the whimsical illustrations and dreaming right along with the story. Loved spending a day in the life of this little girl and her search for Paris. It encouraged my kids to get up and go find adventure! Excellent book! Great gift for any child! Well written!” — Marci Wattenbarger

Such a sweet story, and great pictures!

“Loved this book! Such a sweet story that incorporates the relationship of a grandmother and grand daughter with imagination. I love the art as well!” — Shannon M.

Heartwarming tale with amazing illustrations

“A truly heartwarming tale of a courageous young girl and her loving grandmother. The illustrations tell the story in a colorful and endearing way.” — Therese Lynott