Non-Profit Events

Jennifer Gardiner, author, artist, and illustrator, can show your Non-Profit many fun and creative ways to connect with family, friends, and co-workers. Jennifer hosts Paint on Canvas classes, Adult Paint Nights, and so much more. Surprise your organization’s staff with a painting workshop instead of a meeting. This is a great moral booster! Jennifer can also show your organization how to arrange flowers in a vase, make a wreath, and whatever our imaginations can create! To invite Jennifer to host an event or workshop with your Non-Profit, call (661) 978-9843 or email at

These events are open to the public!

Jennifer’s Worked With These Non-Profits

“Few people are blessed with creativity, storytelling, and the ability to help others heal. Jennifer Gardiner is one of those special people. She facilitated healing through creativity and emotional expression with over 30 children and teens that had recently lost a loved one. Through integration of art on canvas and storytelling, each child created an art piece that told their OWN story. We are grateful to Jennifer for sharing her passion and kind spirit with those in need at Hoffmann Hospice’s Heart Art Camp!” — Beth Hoffmann, Director and Founder of Hoffmann Hospice

Past Events Locations

  • Kern Literacy Council – “Wine and Words” with Jennifer
  • Hoffmann Hospice  “Art for Healing” with Jennifer
  • Independence Through Grace “Art with Jennifer”
  • CASA – “Art with Jennifer”

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