Rainbow Chasers

A Book By Lisa Waters-Smith, Illustrated By Jennifer Gardiner

RAINBOW CHASERS is a story of childlike wonder. After a storm, a marvelous rainbow appears in the morning sky. Curious beyond measure, five children set off on an adventure to find "treasure" at the end of the rainbow. Dreaming of the riches to be found, the characters discover the richness of wonder in the Earth's treasures.

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What Readers Are Saying

"I think this story is INCREDIBLE, my friends! I read it with my boys who loved it!

Lara W.

"This sweet and fun story will inspire and entertain your children! I am so happy that the author, Lisa finished this one and shared it with the world!"

Kristina S.

"Loved this book for my kids! I really hope Lisa keeps sharing her writing gift with others as she is so good at accessing children's creativity."

Annie T.